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indie rock band from Adelaide, Australia

currently residing on Kaurna land

Photo by Mayah Salter



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Photo by Mayah Salter

Oscar the Wild are colloquial yet poetic, or simply put, full of contradictions. The four-piece pair an eclectic bubble grunge sound with influences of jazz, rock and punk with thoughtful lyricism to create their personal and unique sound.


The band made their inception onto the Adelaide scene back in 2018 and instantly became loved by many and a must-have on any line-up. They were quick to keep up with demand and released their debut single ‘Hey’ in early 2019 and following how well it was received from audiences kept them coming with ‘Movie’ and ‘Kiss Me Aphrodite.’ During this time Oscar the Wild were also doing incredibly well on the live front supporting Aussie favourites such as Spacey Jane, Sly Withers, The Chats, RAT!Hammock and more as well as playing a number of festivals including 2019 Laneway Festival, Stonecutters and Woolly Mammoth.


Like many others, the early months of Covid saw the band take time to step back and dig into the message they wanted their art to send and refined themselves both musically and poetically. With this fresh vision they were able to release their favourite piece of work to date, ‘AAA.’ 


With the success they have seen over the last few years, including 2 SA Music Award nominations, there’s no sign of the band slowing down anytime soon and they intend to grow with every release.


Overall, Oscar the Wild, much like the inspiration behind the name, is a colloquial poet. With high energy performances, delivered in a soft and inclusive approach, their diversity and strong character does not disrupt their relatability.


Ruby Gazzola // vocals, guitar, saxophone

Nicola Willsmore // guitar

Ariya Gabell // drums, vocals

Gemma Willsmore // bass

Photo by Samuel Graves
Beats 4 you


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Photo by Ellie Everett

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